Relationship Goals After Being Cheated

In a relationship. When do you think your partner is cheating on you, how you feel? Better yet, what do you do?

A relationship is a continuing business transaction. There are always the endless marketing promotions or the client loyalty factor to look after. Whether we like it or not, with relationship comes maintenance. What drove the client to your business in the first place will keep him/her there for the longest time. Sounds too technical and a far cry from the usual lovey-dovey romantic drama you went through before you got involved with each other, right?

Well, remember when you two where in your courting period? Prim and proper was the order of the day. Good manners and right conduct was your acting role and good breeding was portrayed, in some cases, the illusion being portrayed.

How to bring back the relationship?

Anyway, after the courtship is over and you two decided to be together, the true colors start to show. The charade is over and the real people begin to emerge. I am not saying this is bad or what but somehow, sometimes familiarization takes away the excitement in the relationship. Some personal hygiene or decent behavior takes a side step like nose picking, ass scratching, and farting. You get what I mean?

Aside from that, dressing up and looking good for your partner has become a historical event. Since both of you are with each other already, somehow you feel that the union is secured. Or in the case of marriage, the contract is sealed. But the so-called formalization of the union includes nagging, blaming, bickering, etc. written in invisible ink.

Given that your partner has a world of his/her own. Meaning a job, a social group, school or what, there will always be a comparison of the friendly outside world with the “hostile” home environment. The chances that your partner will meet someone well dressed, nice smelling and willing to listen is not farfetched. You know, someone like you when you were still dating.


Here are some tips when you suspect your partner is cheating on you. Some may sound controversial or even unacceptable to others but think it over and find the wisdom behind. First of all, think business-like. If you are operating a small restaurant and suddenly McDonald’s open shop right across you, your regular customers (in this case your partner) will surely try to eat there. So what do you do to keep your customers loyal? You improve your services and have some promotional stuff and make them feel they got more value from your store. In relationship language, be more loving, caring, listening, and all the sweet stuff.

NEVER EVER nag, blame, get mad, bicker, question or show any of those hostile behaviors normally associated with jealousy. DO NOT, under any circumstance, open or read their cell phone for three very important reasons. First, if you see something you do not like, you will just feel bad, very, very bad. Second, it is not proper to pry into other people’s personal things even if it’s your partner’s. You don’t want them to do that to you, right? And third, it will only make your partner more secretive and protective of his/her things. People act the way they want to and we cannot do anything about it. That is FREEWILL. We can only react to the way we feel about it.

Remember, the other party most certainly has some insecurity issues and will most likely want their affair to be known especially by you, to put you out of the picture. So they will text or call your partner at the most inappropriate time to send some message across or in other words, to piss you off. Don’t mind this. Have self-control over yourself. This is a Psywar, my friend, and if you follow these instructions, you will win.

Try to look as presentable and as good-looking now like you were in your dating days. I mean every day. Try to be as sweet, kind, loving and listening as you were when you were dating. Just keep that flame sparkling like they did in your dating days. Remember, REAL LOVE never dies. If you can give each other up just so easy, you were never really in love in the first place. You just think you were.

It doesn’t matter if you are the only one doing your part and be branded as a martyr or hero. Just do it, do it freely, lovingly and don’t care what others might say or think. Your partner will eventually realize what he/she is bound to lose, who cooks the better burger.

The universe always has a way of balancing things out. Rewards and punishments will be handed out equitably.

Here’s an experiment very close to this situation. Try scolding your dog every day and don’t feed it. Then asked your neighbor to look after it and feed it every day. Now after about a week, guess where do you think your dog prefers to stay? Is your dog smarter than your partner?

This works both ways, for men or women. Unless you want to call it quits, consider this advice.

Have a Simple and Better Life.

Anton Fontel

What really matters in this world is “what you want” and “what makes you happy.” All the rest are either secondary or unimportant. Your happiness is the prime concern so your stay in this world is as close as possible to Heaven.