How to use the Principle of Opposites

Life is all about opposites. How can we know what is cold if we don’t know what is hot? How can we know what is beautiful if we haven’t seen what is ugly? Or light when we haven’t experienced darkness. And the good if we hadn’t face the bad.

All things in life follow this principle of opposites. And it all depends on which part of the spectrum you fall on, especially on the “good thing and bad thing” category.

Most people gravitate on the negative side. There is, however, as sort of “cheat” to this which I would like you to understand here.

You see, the way we look at things are all a matter of perspective. Two persons given the same situation will look at it and handle it differently. Say, two pregnant teenagers, one will look at it as a blessing, work hard and keep her baby while the other one would cry, take it as a mistake, curse the world and probably consider abortion.

The world or the universe will help you whichever path you choose. It does not distinguish the good from the bad, the hot from the cold or the light from the dark. It will just assist you in your decisions.

Notice that when you are determined on a project, the right people, circumstance or the things you need will appear?

Principle of Opposites

So whenever a problem (if that is what you think of it) turns up in your life, gauge it on your “good thing-bad thing” scale. And depending on how you view life, will this be good (opportunity in disguise) or bad (a tragedy in the making)?

In my case, my hair is getting thinner by the minute. Friends keep making a big fuzz out of it telling me to consider a toupee, implants, use a horse crap shampoo or something.

To most image-conscious guys back then, this was very alarming. But after accepting biological reality and watching dozens of Hollywood action films heroes, I don’t think this is an issue anymore for three reasons: first, I don’t look at the mirror so often so I don’t get to see my head, second, I don’t need to use a comb anymore and I can save on shampoo and third, going the direction of Bruce Willis, Jason Statham or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a very cool way to go.

Remember that life is about polarities. Life is about opposites. Whatever the world throws at you is what you need. If it throws good things at you or things that you like, thank you. If it throws bad things at you, thank you too.

Do you want a life without a storm or a life where you can weather out any storm?

Remember, the most successful people in this world started out on the negative side of the spectrum and they don’t like it back then.

Experience all the opposites, and enjoy every minute of them.

Have a Simple and Better Life

Anton Fontel

What really matters in this world is “what you want” and “what makes you happy.” All the rest are either secondary or unimportant. Your happiness is the prime concern so your stay in this world is as close as possible to Heaven.