What is Numerology?

To my own definition and practical application, numerology is an old practice that makes use of numbers as a guide to make life better. Where it began is unknown.

Through this craft, one will know one’s character and thereby enhancing the good qualities and controlling the one’s negative side. This will explain why people brought up with the same environment, the same food, the same friends, studying in the same school behave differently from each other.

Numerology can also guide oneself on what is bound to happen in one’s own life. Again through this craft, one can have a road map on what is to be expected in the coming days, months or even years in order to be better prepared and avoid being surprised.

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Each day has its own unique vibration that may or may not compliment certain activities. With the aid of numerology, one may know what is best to do on what day. Some days are great for having a wedding, some days are ideal for doing impossible tasks, some days are good for making plans while some days are better off staying at home. If one knows these things, one can just easily go with the flow.

Even one’s own name carries with it a vibration equivalent to one’s stature in life. It can be corrected if one wishes to.

These are just a few example of how numerology can help you. It is not just about divination. It is more of mathematics because it involves science. It is scientific because it uses patterns to come up with conclusions. It has psychology in it because it studies human behaviours. But most importantly, it is motivational because it uplifts one’s spirit in the sense that one may realize why certain things happen and there will always be something positive to look forward to.

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