Solutions to your New Year’s Resolutions

First of all, Happy New Year to all you guys following Simple and Better Life. And what better way to start the year than by talking about what many of you do at the start of every year, making a new year’s resolutions.

This article was purposely posted after the New Year’s Day for a reason. You see, we all have probably practiced this “start of the year” self-improvement promise ever since we were kids only to break them midway thru the year or most of the time earlier.

I remember ever since I started working, I was always being given a diary as a gift every Christmas. I would get January and February all filled out. By March and April, some days are left blank. And from May onwards, the pages just became doodle pads. Nowadays, I just recycle the diaries I receive and give them off to friends.

Our New Year’s Resolutions may be saving a portion of our money, or going on a diet, or learning a new hobby, or it could be anything.

Achieve your target New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s take for example going on a diet. Many of us always have this as our New Year’s Resolutions only to renew our vows because we keep on breaking them midway thru the year.

What you need to do is to focus on what you want, focus on the end result. And in this case, why do you want to go on a diet?

Is it because you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Is it because you want to be sort of spiritually inclined? Or is it because you want to look nice in a swimsuit for summer?

Let’s assume it is the latter. First of all, get yourself a target. Say, “In four months I MUST lose thirty pounds” is your target.

Now make some plan. Say, four-month is around a hundred and twenty days so if you divide that by thirty pounds, that would be given and take a pound less ever four days. That is very doable and easy. All you have to do is to make a chart on how much you should weigh from day one to day one hundred twenty and plot in your progress.

If you are on track, that is well and good. If not, you may have to cut down on the burgers and donuts and do more walking and sweating.

This is just a simple example and it is a good pattern when you will be aiming for a target.

The New Year’s Resolution practice is a good reminder to us to make ourselves goals in life. Whether they are big goals or small ones, achieving them are our source of fulfillment and happiness in life.

What is it that you truly desire? Aim for them. Promise yourself to get them. That is your resolution.

Once again Happy New Year to you guys and always remember, this year will be a great one for you. So get that target you are looking at.

Have a Simple and Better Life.

Anton Fontel

What really matters in this world is “what you want” and “what makes you happy.” All the rest are either secondary or unimportant. Your happiness is the prime concern so your stay in this world is as close as possible to Heaven.