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If you think that life is an adventure to experience and its purpose is to be happy, you’ve come to the right place because that is also our idea of life. We believe that going through life should not be an arduous task full of heartaches, grievances, and regret but a series of ups and downs, right and wrong, and smart and silly exploits leading to lessons to be learned or fun moments to be cherished.

The reality is that life is full of crisis and challenges and these events do not go away. They are a continuous cycle. After you got away from one, here comes another and so on and on. Avoiding it, we cannot. But how to face them is the question.

Always remember that if it is a problem, it always has a solution. If it has no solution, well then, we have to accept it as reality and learn to live with it.

We will share with you some weekly lessons or articles that may help make life easier and blissful or inspire you through difficult times.

Either way, the ultimate goal here is to live a Simple and Better Life.

Latest Inspirational Posts

  • Perspective
    All things are just a matter of perspective
    There is a belief that says, “Reality is in the spiritual realm and what we see and experience in this physical world is merely an illusion.” Now, whether you believe this concept or not will depend on your own perspective.If you were raise in a strictly Christian environment, you probably don’t believe it. But if have new age inclinations or a scientifically curious or philosophically reasoning mind, you probably do.You see, anything and everything around us has a billion meaning to it depending on who is looking.A typical cat for instance has so many reasons for its being to so many creatures like for instance: a pet to a little girl, a toy to a naughty boy, an enemy to a dog, a thief to a cook, food to a snake, a threat to a mouse, a nuisance to the house help, a product to a pet store owner, and so on.Same goes with every situation in life like a bad romantic relationship for example. Would you view it as a learning experience? Is it just a bad memory? A prelude of things to come? Another life lesson?There are no right or wrong here though. There are only the “What you want” answers. Will it be good for you is up to you. Will you be happy it’s your call?  Will you benefit from it, depends on what you think. How to choose the proper perspective?Perspective is a “mind game” thing. You see, regardless of where you were born, how you grew up, who your friends were or where you went to school at, how you look at things is just how you want to look at things.        I have reasons to believe that perspective is a wonderful tool that you can use to bring about a better way of life.  Like everything else in this world, it has a yin and yang to it, a positive and a negative side.Who cares what other people say, what society dictates, what tradition practices, what religions command, and all other groups that made own perspective today what it is. If they don’t serve us well, why follow. Believe and follow only what will serve you well and what will make you happy.See that everything the universe is giving you is good for you.With your own personally developed perspective, you are able to see the world in a perfect state. The good and the bad are just complimenting forces. Change is the only permanent thing. And happiness and sadness is a matter of choice. And other people’s opinion is, well, just their opinion.Lemons are good. When the world gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When the world gives you bull’s shit, you sell fertilizers. Bullshit is good, but only by the ton. Haha!.  When the world gives you heartaches, you gain strength.  When the world gives you poverty, you live in simplicity. When the world gives you trials, you gain wisdom. The world is the best teacher. But if you don’t learn, you will repeat the course. If you grieve, you lose.  If you sulk, you won’t grow.You decide. Everything is a matter of perspective.Have a Simple and Better Life!
  • Choices
    You are where you are because of your choices
    If there is one thing we have in this world, it’s only the freedom to make our own choices. We have no control
  • Hurtless Love
    Hurtless Love
    The real concept of love is giving, caring, providing, protecting, and all other outwardly positive gestures that will benefit the person, thing or whatever you love.
  • Opposites - Simple and Better Life
    How to use the Principle of Opposites
    All things in life follow this principle of opposites. And it all depends on which part of the spectrum you fall on
  • Simple and Better Life - Show Love Every Day
    Show Love Every Day
    It seems that when people don’t show love everyday to persons in their lives, they compensate that in the form of flattery or adulation when that person is dead.
  • Humility
    Humility Will Keep You Grounded
    Humility is simply staying as much as you can with what you really were before that big change.

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