Simple and Better Life

Simple and better life is a website whose intent is to share teachings and lessons about life in order to inspire. Life as it is, as it is experienced by all. No promises of salvation, no instructions on how to have eternal life. Dealing with the mundane life and facing its crisis and challenges. Just making life on earth as close to Heaven as possible.

The site was founded by Anton Fontel, who, like most of us in this world, suffered from countless difficult situations. And like many, found it hard to get answers when they need them most.

While most inspirational books contain the best inspirational ideas, one has to snip through the pages to find them. He thought of, well, why not make a medium readily available, with easy to read inspirational articles that are motivating to its readers.

Coach Anton FontelAnton Fontel is a writer, a banker, and salesman and business owner. He is in the study and practice of Numerology, human behavior, and psychic phenomena. He was a former president of a renowned psychic group, The Inner Mind Association.

Abandoned at birth, he suffered many accidents, had countless failures, got separated from his family, suffered a mid-life crisis, in other words, he had a life many can relate to. True to the saying, “Bad grass doesn’t die easy.” Now, he lives a simple happy life in a simple home with a simple job. Inspiring as many people anonymously through his writings and lectures brings him utmost joy and fulfillment.

He studied under many gurus and masters, researched several books, joined various “self-help” groups and trained under a number of spiritual advisers. The simple and Better Life is the product of research, observations, life experiences and personal insights he had and the aim is simply to share to as many people how to react positively to any life situation.