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What is Simple and Better Life?

Simple and Better Life

Simple and Better Life is a belief system, mindset, persuasion, thinking, understanding, view, faith, ideology, principles, philosophy, group, teachings, website or in short “whatever you want to call it.” It is a collection of some Ancient, some Spiritual and practical wisdom applicable today as they were first shared by the master’s thousands of years ago. It focuses on our every situation, problems and daily concerns. It deals on how to live life.

Since we were born, we had constantly been told on how to react to everything that happens to us. And even to anyone or anything else, even if they do not have any significance in our lives. If we could only accept that everything that happens has a reason and whatever reason they may be, we must welcome them. Then, and only then, are we on the path to eliminating misery in our life.

The world is perfect as it is, man and his foolish thinking created the flaws. If we could, in our own little way, start to think towards the way of truth, love, and acceptance, then our lives will be so much better and the world can be a better place to be, one person at a time. We want Simple and Better Life to be the catalyst for an advocacy like this. By simply living out the wisdom in our daily lives, life then inevitably becomes better.

In fact, the teachings that will be shared here are nothing new. You will come to realize that you are just re-learning what you already knew. In every situation in life, an answer is always within reach. Every problem has its solution. If it has no solution, it is not a problem. It is a reality. And we have to live with reality.

We aim to make Simple and Better Life the means to help people all over the world feel better about themselves, live happier and realize that all problems are temporary and have solutions. Crisis and challenges are the reason why we are here in this lifetime to experience and solve.

Thank you very much and we hope that by giving Simple and Better Life a chance, it can help make a difference in your life.

About the Author

Hi! My name is Mr. Anton Fontel, the main writer of Simple and Better Life. I am not a priest, pastor, preacher, guru or any of those. Neither am I an expert in writing. Like the rest of us in Simple and Better Life, we are average Joes probably just like you. And just like you, we have been thru many different and difficult times in life. And most likely just like you, we longed to find the recipe or formula on how to make life better, happier and less complicated.

Well, the reality is that life is full of crisis and challenges and these events do not go away. They are a continuous cycle. After you got away from one, here comes another and so on and on. Avoiding it, we cannot. But how to face them is the question. Always remember that if it is a problem, it always has a solution. If it has no solution, well then, we have to accept it as reality and learn to live with it.

We tried studying the teachings of the wise men of the past, read many spiritual books and strived to learn the wisdom from living masters we’ve met. And we compiled the lessons that had helped us a great deal. These lessons are what we would like to share thru this site. We think they can help you too.

There are a lot of great “self-help” books out there but from each book you can only pick out a few nuggets and all the rest are stories to fill in the pages. And written by pastors, psychologists and celebrities, they are understandably somewhat biased on their views.

We really would like to find a book about the trials of life, being down on your luck, trying to get up, learning something and sharing them, a book written by nobodies but who’s been there. A Do-It-Yourself sort of book. And having found none, here is our attempt to make one. The sort of book we would want to read when we were down on our knees.

But because we would like to inspire as many as we can, we thought that sharing thru the internet via weekly articles or chapters is the way to go. So In the coming weeks, we shall be sending you free newsletters about how to have a Simple and Better Life. We will try to concise each topic to a page for easy reading. Treat it as though you are reading a book one chapter a week.

If you think the ideas or learnings here are great and it’s going to be beneficial to you, please help us out a bit for the upkeep and maintenance of the site by subscribing to the newsletters/ chapters and recommending it to friends.

We wish Simple and Better Life can soon make an impact in your life for the better.

Have a Simple and Better Life.