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Simple and Better Life

If you think that life is an adventure to experience and its purpose is to be happy, you’ve come to the right place because that is also our idea of life. We believe that going through life should not be an arduous task full of heartaches, grievances, and regret but a series of ups and downs, right and wrong, and smart and silly exploits leading to lessons to be learned or fun moments to be cherished.

The reality is that life is full of crisis and challenges and these events do not go away. They are a continuous cycle. After you got away from one, here comes another and so on and on. Avoiding it, we cannot. But how to face them is the question.

Always remember that if it is a problem, it always has a solution. If it has no solution, well then, we have to accept it as reality and learn to live with it.

We will share with you some weekly lessons or articles that may help make life easier and blissful or inspire you through difficult times.

Either way, the ultimate goal here is to live a Simple and Better Life.

Latest Inspirational Posts

  • Choices
    You are where you are because of your choices
    If there is one thing we have in this world, it’s only the freedom to make our own choices. We have no control
  • Hurtless Love
    Hurtless Love
    The real concept of love is giving, caring, providing, protecting, and all other outwardly positive gestures that will benefit the person, thing or whatever you love.
  • Opposites - Simple and Better Life
    How to use the Principle of Opposites
    All things in life follow this principle of opposites. And it all depends on which part of the spectrum you fall on
  • Simple and Better Life - Show Love Every Day
    Show Love Every Day
    It seems that when people don’t show love everyday to persons in their lives, they compensate that in the form of flattery or adulation when that person is dead.
  • Humility
    Humility Will Keep You Grounded
    Humility is simply staying as much as you can with what you really were before that big change.
  • Quality Time
    The Importance of Spending Quality Time
    Remember, it is not the length of time you were together but the quality time you spent with one another.

Quotes To Live By

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